ACNS’04 PROGRAM – Technical Track



Day 1 (Tuesday, June 8)


Opening Ceremony – together with academic track


Session 1.           Digital Signatures (Chair: Lein Harn)


Proxy Signatures and Their Applications

Guilin Wang


Two Forward-Secure Threshold Signature Schemes

Sherman S.M. Chow and H.W. Go and Lucas C.K. Hui and S.M. Yiu and K.P. Chow


A Trapdoor-Free Group Signature Scheme Based on DDH Assumption

Cao Jianneng and Qi Ming


An Efficient One-Time Signature Scheme for Broadcast Authentication

Yongsu Park and Yookun Cho


Method of Constructing Proxy Blind Signature Scheme

Zhao Zemao and Liu Fengyu


Session 2.           Invited Talk (Chair: Yongfei Han)


Exploiting Side Information

David Naccache


Session 3.          Cryptographic Applications and Implementations

(Chair: Willy Susilo)


Boolean Function Simplification in Secure Broadcasting

Lein Harn and Jian Wang and Hideki Imai


Detection Techniques for Fragmented Executable File Using Assembly Instruction Searching

Jun-Hyung Park and Minsoo Kim and Suk-Bong Lee and Bong-Nam Noh


A Balanced Power Implementation of the AES Security Algorithm Using Self-Timed Circuits

Delong Shang and Frank Burns and Albert Koelmans and Alex Yakovlev


A Fast Java Implementation of a Provably Secure Pseudo Random Bit Generator Based on the Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm Problem

Harald Baier


Efficient Implementation of the RSA Crypto Processor in Deep Sub-micron Technology

Qiang Liu and Fangzhen Ma and Dong Tong and Xu Cheng


Session 4.           Authenticated Key Exchange (Chair: Guilin Wang)


Integrated Key Exchange Protocol Capable of Revealing Spoofing and Resisting Dictionary Attacks

David Lai and Zhongwei Zhang


An Enhanced Simple Authentication Key Agreement Protocol

Rui Jiang and Li Pan and Jian-Hua Li


Anonymous Authenticated Key Exchange for Ad-Hoc Mobile Networks

Yuen-Yan Chan and Tony K. Chan and Karyin Fung and Joseph K. Liu and Duncan S. Wong


On Indistinguishability-Based Security Model of Key Agreement Protocols - Simple Cases

Zhaohui Cheng





Day 2 (Wednesday, June 9)


Session 5.           Image and Watermarking Security (Chair: Rafael Marin Lopez)


A New Adaptive Audio Digital Watermarking Blind Algorithm Based on Human Auditory System

Rang-Ding Wang and Gang-Yi Jiang and Da-Wen Xu and Deng-Ke Chen and Bing Zhu


A Novel Adaptive VQ-Based Image Data Hiding Method

Chin-Chen Chang and Hsien-Wen Tseng


Geometrical Attacks Resilient Blind Image Watermarking Using Log-Polar Wavelet Transform

Gui Xie and Hong Shen


Generated the Character of Similar Patterns for Semi-Blind Watermarking

Sung-kwan Je and Jae-Hyun Cho and Eui-young Cha


Image Content Protection Based on Hierarchical Content Representation

Xia Xiaoqing and Feng Wei and Zhao Rongchun


Session 6.           Authentication (Chair: David Lai)


Identifying Resource Authenticity in P2P Networks

Li Tang


Efficient Authentication Scheme Based on Group Certificate and Its Application on Mobile

Kun-Yuan Chen and Tin-Wei Chang and Yao-Chang Yu and Chi-Sung Laih


Design and Implementation of a Service Bundle Authentication Mechanism in the OSGi Service Platform

Young-Gab Kim and Dae-Ha Park and Chang-Joo Moon and Dongwon Jeong and Lee-Sub Lee and Doo-Kwon Baik


Verifying Server Computation
Lea Kissner and Dawn Song


Session 7.           Intrusion Detection and Defense (Chair: Dong Yu)


Distributed Network Security Monitoring System Design and Application

Wang Xuren and Xu Rongsheng


Human-Assisted Intrusion Detection for Process Control Systems

Martin Naedele and Oliver Biderbost


Intrusion Tracking Based on Situation Calculus and BDI Agent Theory

Xu Hui and Pan Aimin


Visualization of Intrusion Detection Alerts with Alert Correlation

Byung-Gil Min and Jong Kim and Sung-Je Hong


Protecting the Core Network with Firewall Delegation

Wang Yin and Teemupekka Virtanen


Session 8.           System Security (Chair: Martin Naedele)


Secure Document Repository Web Service

Liwen He and Meena Laitinen


A Practical Defense System for Remote OS Detection

Juhou He and Xiuqing He and Weihua Li


Detection for Buffer Overflow Software Security Vulnerability Using Function Call Sequence Graph Analysis

Won-ho Kim and Jong Kim and Sung-je Hong


Multivariate Statistical Short-Term Hybrid Prediction Modeling for Database Anomaly Intrusion Prediction System

P. Ramasubramanian and A.Kannan





Day 3 (Friday, June 11)


Session 9.           Security Framework and Modelling (Chair: Muxiang Zhang)


Management Architecture of Digital Credentials for Web-Based Applications

Cungang Yang


A Model for Web Application Level Security

Teng Lv and Ping Yan and Zhenxing Wang


TTT Language and TTT Security Log Analyzer

Jianxin Wang and Geng Zhao and Wei Wei and Peng Ye


Evaluation of AAA Infrastructure Deployment in Euro6ix IPv6 Network Project

Antonio F. Gomez Skarmeta and Gregorio Martinez Perez and Rafael Marin Lopez


XML Web Service-Based Security Framework and Certificate Validation for Open LBS Application

Namje Park and Kiyoung Moon and Youjin Song

Session 10.         Cryptographic Algorithms and Protocols (Chair: Joseph Liu)


A Modernized Version of Visual Cryptography

Yvo G. Desmedt and Mahesh K. Patel


Securing Ad-Hoc Networks Using Cryptographic Hashes

Asad Amir Pirzada and Chris McDonald


A New Efficient Polynomial Degree Resolution Protocol and Its Applications to the (M+1)-st Price Private Auction

A. T. Chronopoulos and D. Grosu and H. Kikuchi


Guess-and-Determine Attack on a Clock Controlled Stream Cipher

Shinsaku Kiyomoto and Toshiaki Tanaka and Koichi Sakurai


Session 11.          Network Security (Chair: Bok-Min Goi)


DDoS Attack Defense Architecture Using Statistical Mechanism on Active Network Environment

Choong Seon Hong and Philyong Park and Wei Jiang


Comparison: IPSec and SSL VPN

Cheng Zhi'an and Luo Xiaoning and Jiang Xiaolan


The Development and Application of VPN

Gao Ling and Li Jiajun and Zhu Jin


Research & Implementation of SVN

Wang Haiyan and Zhang Jianliang and Liuqian

User Datagram Protocol based Denial of Service Attacks

Ali Bakhtiar Nizamani and Jamalul-lail Abdul Manan


Session 12.         Miscellaneous (Chair: Liwen He)


Clever Use of Trusted Third Parties for Mobile Agent Security

Michelangelo Giansiracusa and Selwyn Russell and Andrew Clark


Peer-to-Peer Single Sign-on Model for Web-Based Applications

Manshan Lin and Heqing Guo


A New Transferable E-Cash Scheme

Joseph K. Liu and Sandy H. Wong and Duncan S. Wong


A Rule-Based Delegation Model for Restricted Permission Inheritance RBAC

Younglok Lee and Jongsoon Park and Hyunghyo Lee and Bongnam Noh


Information Exchange Using the Ergodic Matrices in GF(2)

Zhao Yongzhe and Wang Liou and Zhang Wei