ACM Cyber-Physical System Security Workshop (CPSS)


Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) consist of large-scale interconnected systems of heterogeneous components interacting with their physical environments. There exist a multitude of CPS devices and applications deployed to serve critical functions in our lives thus making security an important non-functional attribute of such systems. This workshop will provide a platform for professionals from academia, government, and industry to discuss novel ways to address the ever-present security challenges in CPS. ACM CPSS is held in conjunction with ACM AsiaCCS



Steering Committee

·         Dieter Gollmann (Hamburg University of Technology, Germany)

·         Ravishankar Iyer (UIUC, USA)

·         Douglas Jones (UIUC, USA)

·         Javier Lopez (University of Malaga, Spain)

·         Jianying Zhou (SUTD, Singapore) – Chair


Workshop Series

·          CPSS’15 – Singapore, April 14, 2015 [proceedings] – AR = 35%

·          CPSS’16 – Xi’an, China, May 30, 2016 [proceedings] – AR = 30%

·          CPSS'17 – Abu Dhabi, UAE, April 2, 2017 [proceedings] – AR = 29%

·          CPSS’18 – Incheon, Korea, June 4, 2018 [proceedings] – AR = 25%

·          CPSS’19 – Auckland, New Zealand, July 8, 2019


Keynote Speeches


Cyber-Physical Systems Security – Experimental Analysis of a Vinyl Acetate Monomer Plant

Dieter Gollmann (Hamburg University of Technology, Germany)

Resilience of Medical Devices and Systems

Ravishankar Iyer (UIUC, USA)

Cyber Security in SCADA Networks

Ganesh Narayanan (Thales, Singapore)


Risk Assessment of Cyber Access to Physical Infrastructure in Cyber-Physical Systems

David M. Nicol (UIUC, USA)

N-Version Obfuscation

Michael R. Lyu (Chinese University of Hong Kong, China)


On the Disappearing Boundary between Digital, Physical, and Social Spaces – Who, what, where and when?

Bashar Nuseibeh (The Open University, UK & Lero, Ireland)

Cyber Security of the Autonomous Ship

Sokratis Katsikas (NTNU, Norway)


On the Limits of Detecting Process Anomaly in Critical Infrastructure

Aditya Mathur (SUTD, Singapore & Purdue University, USA)

Leaky CPS: Inferring Cyber Information from Physical Properties (and the other way around)

Mauro Conti (University of Padua, Italy)

Control Theory for Practical Cyber-Physical Security

Henrik Sandberg (KTH, Sweden)


Best Paper Awards


Lightweight Location Verification in Air Traffic Surveillance Networks

Martin Strohmeier, Vincent Lenders, Ivan Martinovic


A Risk Assessment Framework for Automotive Embedded Systems

Mafijul Islam, Aljoscha Lautenbach, Christian Sandberg, Tomas Olovsson


SIPHON: Towards Scalable High-Interaction Physical Honeypots

Juan Guarnizo, Amit Tambe, Suman Sankar Bhunia, Martín Ochoa, Nils Tippenhauer, Asaf Shabtai, Yuval Elovici


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